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Why is FiNDT-X LED large spot hanging black light different?


In recent years, the development and application of UV LEDs have indeed become the focus of the LED industry. Compared with traditional mercury lamps, there is a variety of excellent qualities such as small lighting, small power consumption, environmental protection. 92 countries, including China, jointly signed the "Water Convention", which will ban production and imported mercury products from 2020. Therefore, the UV LED technology is used to energy saving and environmentally-friendly and highly efficient light sources that will be the main technical trend of the imperfection. At present, Shanghai Qifeng Detection Equipment Co., Ltd. has the most complete LED black light series (brand: findt), mainly used in fluorescent magnetic powder detection, fluorescence penetration, observation station and penetration cleaning station, serving aerospace, auto parts, Petroleum steel, drilling and pipeline, shipbuilding and special examination hospitals.


The X series LED hanging black light developed by Shanghai Lifeng adopts the modular design of data integration. The whole structure does not need to be welded. The operation of replacing accessories can be completed by screwing, and even the lamp beads are replaced by screwing. Provides users with a convenient and fast maintenance method (different from the traditional LED black light).


Question 1: How big is the large light spot mentioned by the X series black light lamp?