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Do you know why LED black light intensity decays?


Keywords: lamp beads, color filters, lenses

As LED black light has gradually penetrated into the market, users' questions and curiosity about LED black light are also increasing day by day. Below, Lisa of Shanghai Lifeng Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. will answer questions about LED black light black technology based on years of black light sales and R&D experience. The question is for your reference only.


1. When buying a black light, many users will ask the sales staff: "How long is the service life of the black light? The promotional materials say 5 hours, can it guarantee 50,000 hours of use?"


The sales staff of Shanghai Lifeng Testing will give a professional explanation: the 50,000-hour service life of the lamp bead refers to the income obtained in the best environment with a constant temperature of 25°C-28°C. It depends on the environment, so the warranty period of the lamp will not be 50,000 hours.

1. Will the color filter cause the illumination of the lamp to be attenuated?


The sales staff of Shanghai Lifeng Testing will give a professional explanation: if the color filter cannot resist oxidation, the color filter will cause the illumination attenuation. After the color filter is used for 1 year, the illumination will be attenuated by 10%--15% compared with the factory. Therefore, after using the LED black light in normal work, it is recommended to take protective measures for the color filter, especially when the black light is not used during holidays, it is recommended to apply a thin layer of oil on the color filter to avoid color filtering. flakes are oxidized. If the color filter is dirty, it will affect the illumination drop, please clean the color filter and keep it clean.

The color filter used in the black light lamp developed by Shanghai Lifeng Testing Equipment has undergone anti-oxidation treatment to ensure the stable output of the black light intensity.

2. Will the aging of the lens cause illumination attenuation?

Shanghai Lifeng Testing sales staff will give a professional explanation: Yes. The purpose of using the lens of the LED black light is to concentrate light energy from different angles together for NDT flaw detection. If no lens is used, light spots of different angles will be emitted to form astigmatism, and the emitted illuminance is low, which cannot be used for NDT detection.


Shanghai Lifeng Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on NDT non-destructive testing. The black light developed by it has been widely used in various fields and has been exported to 15 countries. For more, please inquire.