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What are the factors that affect the intensity of UV flaw detection?


What are the factors that affect the intensity of UV flaw detection?

Keywords: illuminometer test probe pollution, color filter pollution, transmittance of transparent glass, current instability

I. Overview:

Fluorescent inspection lamps have been widely used in fluorescent penetrant inspection and fluorescent magnetic particle inspection. However, in the fluorescent observation, users also have some questions about the fluorescent flaw detector, especially the light decay of the black light. According to the research and development of the editor and the cases encountered are summarized as follows:

1. The illuminometer test probe will affect the intensity of the black light


If the purple light sensor probe and white light sensor probe of the illuminometer are polluted by fluorescent substances, the intensity of black light and white light leakage will increase accordingly, resulting in inaccurate final test data.

1. The color filter is polluted by phosphor powder



Each black light filter design is different. Generally, when designing a hand-held black light, in order to ensure the illuminance used by the user, the color filter is placed on the outermost part of the lamp, so it is also easily polluted by fluorescent substances. Once the surface of the color filter is polluted by fluorescent substances, the illuminance is correspondingly high. Before the test, it is recommended to use a volatile cleaning agent to clean the surface and then test to ensure the accuracy of the data.

2. Transmittance of light-transmitting glass

    Translucent glass is generally used for LED hanging black light. The transmittance of clear glass affects the intensity of the black light. The higher the transmittance of clear glass, the stronger the strength.

3. The current is unstable

The current is not stable, which will cause the intensity of the black light to rise and fall.

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