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Notes on Penetrating Cleaners



       Some users will ask that the workpiece material of the penetration cleaning agent is aluminum alloy cleaning, titanium alloy, high temperature alloy, so how long does it take to clean? Is there a reference value that can be used for reference? The situation encountered by the customer is now used for reference, and the experience is limited to reference.

1. The added cleaning time has nothing to do with the workpiece material, but mainly depends on the degree of oil pollution on the surface. The pollutants are all kinds of strange, there is no reference value, and they must be tested on the spot.

2. Please use the parameters recommended by TDS first, and adjust it if it is not clean. Secondly, look at the specifications related to the parts, such as whether the ASTM standard content has relevant instructions for the parts used. For example, does the standard mention the range of concentration to be controlled? If not, please check the pollution degree of the parts and make on-site adjustments according to the TDS of the product. In principle, the concentration is high, the temperature is high, the cleaning ability is strong, and the time can be relatively short.


      According to experience, for general oil stains, the method of soaking in cleaning agent + ultrasonic cleaning can be used to heat the temperature to 60 degrees Celsius, then add a cleaning agent with a concentration of 20%, and clean it for at least 2 minutes to see the effect.