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How to solve the problem that the mobile magnetic particle flaw detector does not display power after it is powered on


I. Overview

       Magnetic particle inspection equipment can detect cracks, hairlines, wrinkles, white spots, inclusions and other defects in ferromagnetic materials, with high detection sensitivity, and can visually display the location, shape, size and severity of defects. Good repeatability. It is widely used in the flaw detection of pipes, bars, profiles, welded parts, machined parts and forgings, especially for the fixed inspection of pressure vessels. Let the editor analyze and propose solutions to the problem that the mobile magnetic particle flaw detector does not display current after it is powered on.



1. Check whether the copper plate on the end surface of the electrode shaft of the magnetic particle flaw detector is rusted?

      Under normal circumstances, metals will rust. Similarly, copper plates are no exception. For example, copper plates react with carbon dioxide in a humid environment, so in the case of humid carbon dioxide, copper plates will also be oxidized and rusted. Yes, but not as much as iron rusts. And improper handling of the rusted part will also affect our processing and use, so we must prevent the red copper plate from re-oxidizing and rusting. The copper plates on the end faces of the two electrode shafts are used to prevent sparks from burning the workpiece. If the customer uses the water-agent magnetic levitation, there is usually a charged and no current for the flaw detection equipment. The water magnetic levitation is easy to produce dirt and rust, and there is little rust on the equipment in normal use every day. Suppose it is a month, with half a month or every other week, the rust will accumulate more and more, the rust is not conductive, so there is no current in operation. When the magnetic particle detector is separated for a while and the copper plate should be separated again, the front and the bad are wiped clean (mainly the bad and the electrode plate), it is best to try to wipe with fine sandpaper, wipe, and then install this problem will be dealt with.

2. Check whether the connecting cable of the transformer is loose?

      There is no current in the power supply around the flaw detection equipment, check whether the connecting cable of the transformer is loose. When transformers and cables are used for a long time, the equipment should have a certain temperature. There will be thermal expansion and contraction at the connection of the cable. The connection screw and nut are easy to loosen, and there will be no current.