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What are the other uses of the black light at 365nm in addition to UV inspection?


Ultraviolet light is an invisible light wave that exists outside the ultraviolet end of the spectrum, so it is called ultraviolet light. It is a kind of light wave, which is divided into three bands: A, B, and C according to different wavelength ranges. Among them, the wavelength of UVA band is 320-400nm, which is called long-wave ultraviolet lamp, and the outer line of 365nm (nanometer) belongs to UVA band. , it has strong penetrating power and is mainly used in industry.

1. UV curing lamp


       Under the action of the main wave peak of 365nm (nanometer) ultraviolet light, photochemical polymerization reaction occurs, and the curing process can be completed in a short time without heat, so that the UV glue can be deeply cured under the action of a specific wavelength of ultraviolet light source.


Figure 1: Biosolidification

2. UV flaw detection / inspection lamp


        Main peak 365nm (nanometer) UV radiation source of sufficient intensity. Fluorescent indication can be observed at the defect site, and it has the characteristics of low temperature, uniform illumination, and no dead angle missed detection. In addition, long-wave ultraviolet radiation in the 300-400nm range can be used in the analysis and testing of chemical and textile industries; medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural production; food production, police detection, mineralogy; banks; decorative lighting in entertainment venues; advertising scenes can get novelty Effect.


Figure 2: Ultraviolet inspection

3. Aging/Yellow Test Lamps


       Under the environment of sunlight UVA band ultraviolet rays, observe the change of the color of the sample surface within a specified time to determine the degree of discoloration of the sample. Thereby, the ability of the material to resist yellowing and aging under solar radiation can be roughly judged.


Figure 3: Aging/Yellow Resistance Test

4. Tanning/Sunbathing Tubes

       Ultraviolet rays in the UVA band can reach the layers of the skin, destroy elastic fibers and collagen fibers, and tan our skin.


Figure 4: Tanning