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FPI-1000 Gantry type automatic fluorescent penetrant inspection line


1. Application

FPI-1000 Automatic Fluorescent Penetration Inspection Line utilizes Form 1, Method A, to perform fluorescent penetrant inspection on the workpiece; detect hairlines, cracks and other defects on the surface of the workpiece. The testing line is designed and produced according to ASTM E165, E1417, and other standards. The workpiece passes through the transmission chain mechanism, so that the material frame passes through each station in turn. Centrally controlled and highly automated by PLC, the system controls and monitors key inspection processes and process parameters, minimizing operator labor. The mechanical actions that may cause damage to the equipment are set with an interlock function, which can ensure that no matter in the maintenance or automatic state, any button misoperation will not damage the equipment.

2. Features

Suitable for inspection of large quantities of small aluminum castings and aluminum forgings;

High degree of automation, except for manual observation, other procedures are automated, reducing labor costs;

It can be operated manually or automatically.


ASTME1444,E165 and E1417 standards.