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MY-1 AC portable magnetic yoke


1.product description:

The magnetic yoke has the characteristics of compact structure, reasonable layout, compact size, light weight and easy to carry.It is suitable for magnetic particle inspection of surface and near-surface defects of all kinds of steel structural parts, boilers, pressure vessels, pressure pipelines and various types of welded ferromagnetic materials in electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery and other industries.

2.Technical performance:

2.1. Power supply: AC 220V, ±10%, 50HZ, 5A;

2.2. Electrode spacing: 40mm-200mm;

2.3. White light intensity: 2000Lux;

2.4. Working cycle: The magnetization time is less than or equal to 3 seconds, and the gap time is greater than or equal to 5 seconds;

2.5. Lifting force: AC≥45N, DC≥177N.

2.6. Weight: 2kg.